• Clothesline

    Growing up, my mother never used our clothes ever. Every time she washed she would hang our clothes outside on a very large and long clothesline. In the winter, she would use the wooden fold up clothes racks that I'm sure you would see in Amish homes. I'm not sure why I'm writing this in the past tense, she still does this!

    A few weeks ago, I had Ryan put up a line for us. I try do one load of wash a day to keep the hamper in check. I have friends who have a "wash day" where they'll do laundry all day and feel accomplished, but after that last shirt is folded and put away, the hamper is half full by the end of the day! I have just embraced the fact that laundry is an unending task that needs tending to regularly. But enough about my laundry habits, let's get back to the line. 

    Oh my glorious clothesline! I love it! I know not everyone reading this has the ability to have one in their yard, but if you can, DO IT! You save money by not using as much electricity, your laundry will smell amazing, and it's therapeutic. Yes, I said that right, it's therapeutic. To physically be outside on a sunny, breezy day and hang each article stirs something in my soul. It seems funny to write that, but it's true for me. 

    Money Saving

    I promise you will see savings the first month you use it. I just got our electric bill today and it's $51 less than last month! Granted, we aren't running our air conditioner that much the past few weeks now that fall is here, but I know the clothesline has some influence in that as well. 

    Smells Amazing

    Have you ever climbed into a bed with fresh off the line sheets? It not only feels amazing, but smells like clean should. We are so accustomed to a "clean smell" being made through synthetic fragrances. You must try Mother Nature's ancient scent...air! I'm not quite sure why it has a scent to it, but it does and is wonderful.


    I can't say that I love the act of doing laundry, it's kind of just a necessary thing. However, being outside where I can hear birds chirping, the breeze gently waving my husband's shirts, and the sun shining down on my shoulders make it all worth it. 

    I leave you with this lovely poem that I came across a few months ago. It sums up my feeling towards clotheslines perfectly. 

    Ode to the Backyard Clothesline 

    by Juanita M. Vernon

    You’ll say I’m “quaintly countrified,”
    Old-fashioned — as you please.
    But I love the sight of fresh, clean laundry
    Tossing in the breeze.
    To suspend each garment on the line,
    Then give the wind full play;
    To caress and gently fragrance
    In that sweet “outdoorsy” way.
    They bask in sunny radiance,
    Towels neatly hung in rows;
    Snowy linens snapping crisply,
    Darling dancing baby clothes.
    And when at dusk I gather them
    I feel extremely blessed
    That line-dried and sun-kissed cleanliness
    Clothes the ones that I love best. 
  • Hello World

    "Oh, great. Another blog." 

    Hi, I'm Sarah Clark, and I've put off blogging for about nine years. It has been something I've always been interested in, tried to do a few times, and just have never actively pursued. I'm ready now. So yes, let's add one more blog to the world because even if nobody reads this, I love to journal anyway. 

    So a bit about me. I live in Ohio in a money pit farmhouse with my husband and two kids. Before moving here, I lived in New Jersey my whole life (it was quite the culture shock for me). I think of myself as a Jill of all trades and master of none, but I'm embracing that about myself. I am a multi-faceted person who desires change and growth. So in an attempt to not be flaky about this whole blogging thing, I'm hoping I can commit myself to posting. I honestly have no idea what I'm writing about, so we will see what happens! 

    Hope to see you around here :)