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  • Hello World

    "Oh, great. Another blog." 

    Hi, I'm Sarah Clark, and I've put off blogging for about nine years. It has been something I've always been interested in, tried to do a few times, and just have never actively pursued. I'm ready now. So yes, let's add one more blog to the world because even if nobody reads this, I love to journal anyway. 

    So a bit about me. I live in Ohio in a money pit farmhouse with my husband and two kids. Before moving here, I lived in New Jersey my whole life (it was quite the culture shock for me). I think of myself as a Jill of all trades and master of none, but I'm embracing that about myself. I am a multi-faceted person who desires change and growth. So in an attempt to not be flaky about this whole blogging thing, I'm hoping I can commit myself to posting. I honestly have no idea what I'm writing about, so we will see what happens! 

    Hope to see you around here :)